Nature Up North

Nature Up North is a community-based organization whose mission is to foster a deeper sense of appreciation for, and connection to, the North Country environment. The goal is to use technology to encourage outdoor experiential learning.

Music Video International

It's easy to find solid lists of exceptional music videos from the U.S., the U.K., and a few other places, but really hard to even start exploring music videos from elsewhere around the world.

Genocide in the Modern World

The project goal is to create a time-lapse map of the Rwandan Genocide to use as a research and teaching tool to explain key elements of the development of the genocide.

Flipping the Stage

This project will make the interdisciplinary process of theater visible to a wide audience, and provide student collaborators the opportunity to critically reflect on their experiences leading up to the performance.

The "Story" of Canton

A multi-year project to develop a dynamic digital history of Canton, New York using both historical and contemporary documents, images, videos, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and other technologies.

Tales of Laurentians Abroad

The first issue of Every Hundred Feet: Tales of Laurentians Abroad, a student-created journal, was created by Student Fellow, Hannah Chanatry.