Renaissance Venice

A microsite showcasing a series of short papers, basic historical facts, and geographic features of Venice.

North Country Resource

North Country Resource is a collection of resources that are the product of a sociology class at St. Lawrence University with an emphasis on community-based learning.

The "Story" of Canton

A multi-year project to develop a dynamic digital history of Canton, New York using both historical and contemporary documents, images, videos, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and other technologies.

Remote Conferencing

<p>St. Lawrence's approach is extending the bounds of the physical classroom by providing remote conferencing tools.</p>


<p>Digital timelines provide opportunities for students to engage with detail, specificity, and chronology in important ways.</p>

Digital Initiatives Fellows

The Digital Initiatives Faculty Fellowship Program is a partnership between the Crossing Boundaries grant and Libraries and Information Technology (LIT), including Digital Initiatives, Educational Technology, and GIS.

Death in St. Lawrence County

Death in St. Lawrence County (DSLC) aims to document, map, and digitize all of the 200+ cemeteries in St. Lawrence County in upstate New York.

Digital London

The digital humanities aspect of this course will build upon and extend the course’s topical focus on early modern London and the public sphere.

Engaging the North Country

Engaging the North Country enhances the digital presence of Community Based Learning by allowing students to create and share reflections of their experiences.