Aquí y allá

Aquí y allá (Here and There) is an online cultural journal published on an annual basis in conjunction with a Creative Writing Workshop taught in Spanish in the Department of Modern Languages.

Issac T. Hopper Project

Liz Regosin, Professor of History, is working with the Digital Scholarship Group to develop a website focused on the American abolitionist Isaac T. Hopper. 

Learned in Translation

An Immersive Journalism Project in Banská Štiavnica, Slovakia. Vivian Susko's research experience during the summer of 2018 took the form of an immersive journalism project.

Local Histories in the Digital Age

Judith DeGroat. Associate Professor of History history is teaching a Sophomore Seminar titled, "Local Histories in the Digital Age." In this seminar, students learn about the local community and explore its history using digital tools.

Refashioning Fashion

What is fashion? For many of us, fashion is associated with glamour, prestige and sometimes rebelliousness. Its what we see on runways, in magazines and movies, and on celebrity style blogs.

Nature Up North

Nature Up North is a community-based organization whose mission is to foster a deeper sense of appreciation for, and connection to, the North Country environment. The goal is to use technology to encourage outdoor experiential learning.

Critical Media Literacy

Critical Media Literacy (CML) is an especially important skill for educators to develop, as they often serve as filters of information for their students. 

VR & Spatial Cognition

We investigate spatial cognition using virtual reality technology. Virtual reality provides a means to create novel environments for which people have no prior experience, and to have better experimental control over person-environment inte


The Weave seeks to contribute to positive social change and the cultivation of an informed citizenry by providing critical perspectives on important stories, voices, and processes that are not receiving sufficient public attention.