Map of Projects

Adirondack Sutra

Adirondack Sutra

Adirondack Sutra is a creative work that brings together selected Buddhist and Tibetan Sutra aesthetics and philosophies with contemporary Adirondack and environmental themes.
Sea Ice


Aksik is a Siberian Yupik term called out by captains to turn the boat quickly by placing an oar against the bow and down into the water and pulling back using the gunnel as a fulcrum point.
Cover page of Aquí y Allá Number 5

Aquí y allá

Aquí y allá (Here and There) is an online cultural journal published on an annual basis in conjunction with a Creative Writing Workshop taught in Spanish in the Department of Modern Languages.
AR session

Augmented, Virtual, & Mixed Reality

The digital scholarship team is partnering with various faculty members to explore the use of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, & Mixed Reality in the classroom.
Defoa Pillary

Digital London

The digital humanities aspect of this course will build upon and extend the course’s topical focus on early modern London and the public sphere.
A woman at a farm holding a chicken.

Engaging the North Country

Engaging the North Country enhances the digital presence of Community Based Learning by allowing students to create and share reflections of their experiences.
A screenshot of a map of west Africa.

Francophone Africa

This group has created a cluster of courses that examine the history, culture, and politics of Francophone Africa from an interdisciplinary and cross-divisional perspective that will enhance knowledge of and interest in Francophone Africa.
Never again Rwanda

Genocide in the Modern World

The project goal is to create a time-lapse map of the Rwandan Genocide to use as a research and teaching tool to explain key elements of the development of the genocide.
On a partly cloudy day, a vehicle is driving towards a mountain in Tanzania.

Kenya Semester Archive

Efforts are underway to gather key documents and a range of Kenya Semester Program ephemera and digitize them for preservation purposes.

Learned in Translation

An Immersive Journalism Project in Banská Štiavnica, Slovakia. Vivian Susko's research experience during the summer of 2018 took the form of an immersive journalism project.
aerial image

Local Histories in the Digital Age

Judith DeGroat. Associate Professor of History history is teaching a Sophomore Seminar titled, "Local Histories in the Digital Age." In this seminar, students learn about the local community and explore its history using digital tools.
Nature up North

Nature Up North

Nature Up North is a community-based organization whose mission is to foster a deeper sense of appreciation for, and connection to, the North Country environment. The goal is to use technology to encourage outdoor experiential learning.
A zen garden with moss and stones.

Paths to the Buddha

This group has worked together since Fall 2013 to create a cluster of new, interrelated courses under the theme “Paths to the Buddha.” The result is a Scalar-based digitalized overview of the Chichibu pilgrimage.
A sticker with the text "15 M" and "12 M".

Pegatinas Políticas

Pegatinas Políticas is a political sticker project by St. Lawrence University student research fellow, Laurel Hurd ’16.
Procession of the True Cross in Piazza San Marco, 1496

Renaissance Venice

A microsite showcasing a series of short papers, basic historical facts, and geographic features of Venice.
A journal cover for Every Hundred Feet: Tales of Laurentians Abroad.

Tales of Laurentians Abroad

The first issue of Every Hundred Feet: Tales of Laurentians Abroad, a student-created journal, was created by Student Fellow, Hannah Chanatry.
A black and white photograph of a sawmill.

The "Story" of Canton

A multi-year project to develop a dynamic digital history of Canton, New York using both historical and contemporary documents, images, videos, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and other technologies.
A black and white photograph of a man sitting on a horse.

Zapata Project

For her St. Lawrence University Fellows summer research project Emily Sheltry investigated the ways in which the image of Emiliano Zapata has changed from Zapata’s initial creation.