The "Story" of Canton

A black and white photograph of a sawmill.

A multi-year project to develop a dynamic digital history of Canton, New York. Through both historical and contemporary documents, images, videos, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and other technologies, this FYP will lay the foundation for a community resource that explores "the story" of Canton.

We will broadly explore the history and issues of rural America, from health care and education, to the economy and environment, through a variety of digital and non-digital resources. Then, drawing on local resources, we will explore how these issues confronting rural America have played out in Canton. Each year, we will look at different themes and research, collect data, create documents, and finally present them in a digital format that not only informs the viewer but seeks to tell "the story" of Canton, New York. This course will be a form of Community Based Learning (CBL). Students should expect to spend time in the community conducting field work, in the lab working with new software, and producing a culminating presentation at the Festival of CBL. 

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Canton, NY 13617, USA