Genocide in the Modern World

Never again Rwanda

The project goal is to create a time-lapse map of the Rwandan Genocide to use as a research and teaching tool to explain key elements of the development of the genocide.

The timing, location, scale, and pace of mass killing (and in some cases, the absence of this) all provide insights into the factors that drove or resisted the spread of violence. The map will illustrate aspects of this particular genocide, but also some dynamics shared with other genocides. The map will also serve as the basis for a student project. Students will contribute to the map, researching one or more particular incidents, adding information, narrative, and images to give depth to the information shown on the time lapse map and to understand how macro- and micro-level experiences were interrelated in the genocide. These student research projects will both follow from what they learn from the map and contribute to its learning potential for others.

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