Digital Narratives

Screenshot of Digital Narrative

The Digital Scholarship team at St. Lawrence University used Drupal to create a platform that would allow students and faculty to publish their work online in interactive and visually engaging ways. The platform allows creators to combine text, images, audio, video, and more to clearly and powerfully present their research. 

The ability to include a range of media including still images, audio, and video allows users to highlight a vast range of secondary and primary sources. Design elements like breakouts, doubles, and asides provide a multitude of layout options that can help to create content hierarchies and to spotlight special content. Interactive features like story maps and timelines engage viewers and allow users to present their content through a geographic or temporal lens. These powerful tools can be used to show how a series of events related to a topic unfolds over space and time. With content that can be viewed, shared, and enjoyed online, digital narratives dust off the traditional research papers of the past and give creators the tools to create dynamic and memorable projects.

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