Augmented, Virtual, & Mixed Reality

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The digital scholarship team is partnering with various faculty members to explore the use of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, & Mixed Reality in the classroom.   

The library recently purchased a set of Oculus Go headsets and we are working with several seminars focused on the study of ancient Rome.   A suite of applications from the Rome Reborn Project has been the focus of several lab sessions in ODY's Digital Scholarship Lab.  Students have explored ancient Rome using the headsets - which allows them to view a 3D model of the ancient city while listening to a scholarly narration of what they are viewing. 

In addition to the Library's exploration of an instruction and support model for these emerging technologies, Elyssa Twedt, Director of the Spatial Cognition and Perception Lab, has established a VR & Spatial Cognition Project

The project aims to better understand individual differences in spatial cognition, which helps people perceive, remember, and navigate through environments. We investigate spatial cognition using virtual reality technology.

The Oculus Go VR headsets are available for students, faculty, and staff and are being loaned out via the ODY Library Service Desk.


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March 07, 2019