Adirondack Sutra

Adirondack Sutra

About the Project

Adirondack Sutra is a creative work that brings together selected Buddhist and Tibetan Sutra aesthetics and philosophies with contemporary Adirondack and environmental themes.

Using found texts and quotes from various poets and writers and repurposing them as latter-day “sutra” texts, this work presents them in the Tibetan book format known as “pecha,” an oblong shape that was derived from the Indian palm leaf format.


48 copies were printed at Caliban Press, Canton, New York, by Special Collections Librarian, Mark McMurray and student interns Elizabeth Vitek and Rebecca Doll. Ecoprint by Velma Bolyard. Additional presswork with students Elizabeth Cashin, Erika Davin, and Nicole Potter. Spring, 2013.

We also acknowledge the enthusiastic support from Professor Mark MacWilliams’ Buddhist Traditions class at St. Lawrence University.

Caliban Press, 14 Jay Street, Canton, New York 13617

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Canton, NY 13617, USA