Portrait of Timur Martinez Smirnov

Timur Martinez Smirnov

Class of 2023
Digital Scholarship Fellow

Timur Martinez Smirnov, ’23, was born in Tabasco, Mexico. He grew up with a bicultural education due to his ties with Russia from his mother’s side. This allowed him to gain multicultural insight since childhood and helped him to understand the effects of globalization and information technology. At St. Lawrence University he pursues a double major in Government and Economics. He is part of the International House and is involved in clubs such as Common Grounds Connections, La Sociedad, Model OAS, and Club Soccer. When not in class, he enjoys playing chess, learning languages, and doing sports. He is excited to join the Digital Scholars Fellowship program since he wishes to improve his digital skills to become a more impactful agent of change and a more conscious global citizen.


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October 08, 2020