Matthew Carotenuto

Matthew Carotenuto

Associate Professor, History Coordinator, African Studies

Fellowship Description: 

Matt used this fellowship to integrate off-campus program initiatives with his courses on campus. In particular, he explored ways to involve students in the Kenya Program’s Digital Archive through collection development and research activities. He also developed a digital component for his Spring 2017 SYE-Contemporary Africa, so students can present their research and continue to process their off-campus experience through the platform of the Kenya Program Blog.


I originally grew up outside of Albany NY. After completing a B.A. in history from SUNY Cortland, I went on to earn a Ph.D. in African history from Indiana University. My teaching and research interests are broadly defined in both African history and the experience of people of African descent around the world. At SLU I teach survey courses in African history and African studies, upper division classes on constructions of identity and conflict, and seminars on colonial and urban history.

As a specialist in East Africa, I have recently published a co-edited a special issue of The International Journal of African Historical Studies 45, 1 (2012) titled “Towards a History of Violence in Colonial Kenya.” I have also published articles in African AffairsAfrica Today and History in Africa on topics related to ethnicity in colonial and postcolonial Kenya. I am currently working on a book manuscript which examines the ways Africans have historically constructed their ethnic identities in Kenya, as well as a new project which explores the social history of indigenous sporting traditions in East Africa.

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