Jurag Kittler

Juraj Kittler

Associate Professor of Performance and Communication Arts
Performance & Communiciation Arts

Current Professional/Research Interest:
How often we hear others talking about the crisis of modern democracy? Some suggest that it may be saved by the ‘new media’, while others - quite the contrary - see in new communication technologies the villain which caused the whole crisis in the first place. I personally believe that history gives us good insight to a better understanding of the current problems of our society - in particular to the crisis of our public sphere.

Consequently, my research focuses on a series of leading cities whose historical experience prepared the ground for our current global village. I study public communication in classical Athens, republican Rome, Renaissance Venice, early modern London, republican Philadelphia and Paris. I analyze contemporary communication technologies as well as different historical 'technological revolutions' while focusing on their impact on the overall social order.

At St. Lawrence I have a double appointment in the Performance and Communication Arts as well as in the English departments. My doctorate in mass communication is reflected in all classes I teach for the PCA Department. As a former radio reporter and newspaper editor I teach journalism classes in the English Department. After all, my main research interest - democracy and the public sphere - tie everything nicely together.

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October 18, 2018