John Collins

John Collins

Professor of Global Studies Director of the Weave
Global Studies

Dr. John Collins is Professor of Global Studies and Director (with Jana Morgan and Stephen Barnard) of the Weave. He received his interdisciplinary graduate training in Comparative Studies in Discourse and Society at the University of Minnesota, where he was also a MacArthur Scholar. His two monographs, one edited anthology, and numerous articles explore a range of themes including language, political rhetoric, generational identity, historical memory, and theories of colonization. His most recent project, an introductory undergraduate textbook devoted to cultural and social processes in global studies, is co-authored with Dr. Eve Stoddard (Dana Professor of Global Studies) and will be released in the fall of 2016.

At St. Lawrence, he teaches courses in cultural and media studies, globalization, contemporary Palestine, memory, and grassroots music-making.

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