Hannah Chanatry

Hannah Chanatry

Student Fellow, HASTAC Scholar

Hannah Chanatry, class of 2015, double-majored in English and Performance and Communication Arts at St. Lawrence University. She participated in off-campus study in Rome in the fall of 2013. Chanatry was awarded a SLU fellowship in 2014 and spent nine weeks that summer developing a new student publication dedicated to publishing first-person, student narratives about off campus study.

“I am interested in just about every sector of the arts, and using those arts to transcend cultural and national boundaries,” Chanatry said in 2014. “I am an avid writer and editor, a passionate feminist, and an amateur dancer, musician, and photographer.”

After graduating, Chanatry said, she hopes to travel abroad, explore other countries and cultures, and complete a Master's degree in the United Kingdom.

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October 18, 2018