Erin McCarthy

Erin McCarthy

Professor of Philosophy

Dr. Erin McCarthy came to St. Lawrence in 2000. She teaches Asian, feminist, continental and comparative philosophy. Author of the book Ethics Embodied: Rethinking Selfhood through Continental, Japanese and Feminist Philosophies (Lexington, 2010), her work has been published in several anthologies and journals in both French and English and she regularly presents her scholarship both nationally and internationally. She was an inaugural recipient of the “Frederick P. Lenz Foundation Residential Fellowship for Buddhist Studies and American Culture and Values” at Naropa University in 2009. Dr. McCarthy sits on the Editorial board of the journal Comparative and Continental Philosophy and is Co-editor of the ASIANetwork Exchange: A journal for Asian Studies and the Liberal Arts. She has also served as Chair of the Board of Directors of ASIANetwork (a consortium of over 170 North American colleges). Currently, her research interests are taking two directions - the first, a project titled "Re-imagining Maternity,"is a comparative philosophical re-thinking of the norms of maternity; and the second looks at the ways in which contemplative education can be enriched by incorporating feminist philosophies.

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October 18, 2018