Chris Buck

Chris Buck

Assistant Professor Government

Fellowship Description: 

With his fellowship, Buck will experiment with allowing students to use electronic versions of the primary sources assigned in his “Introduction to Political Theory” course, which he offers every semester. “One of the learning goals of this course is to teach students how to engage in close readings of challenging texts,” Buck said in his proposal. “In the past I’ve tried to accomplish this by modeling it in the classroom and assessing it in written assignments, but this does not give me a sense of how students actually engage in the process of reading.”

Prof. Buck first encountered the questions of political theory (What is freedom? What is justice?) as a member of his high school debate team, and he has been asking them ever since.

Similarly, his interest in environmental politics began with his involvement in environmental organizations as a senior in high school and throughout his college career. Grateful for the way in which the professors he had as an undergraduate sharpened his critical thinking skills, Prof. Buck strives to have the same impact on the St. Lawrence students enrolled in his courses.

Outside of the classroom Prof. Buck enjoys cycling, baking, playing Scrabble, and singing karaoke.

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October 18, 2018