Borjana Nikolić

Borjana Nikolić

ITAP Apprentice

Borjana Nikolić, class of 2018, studies mathematics. Brojana hails from Bosnia and Herzegovina where she graduated from United World College in Mostar. Prior to arriving to the U.S., she spent most of her time engaged in various language learning, math and music endeavors— from writing articles promoting alternative music culture (with a special focus on the Balkans) for two music webzines, to working as math and English tutor. Borjana will work with ITAP for fall 2015 through spring 2016.

About ITAP
Under the umbrella of the NY6 Consortium, the Educational Technology Group have put together the ITAP program to give students practical, hands-on, educational technology experiences in an IT environment. The ITAP program is designed for students who are interested in coupling their liberal arts degree with paraprofessional experiences in the field of instructional technology.

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October 18, 2018