Angela (Angie) M Sweigart-Gallagher

Angela (Angie) M Sweigart-Gallagher

Assistant Professor
Performance & Communiciation Arts

Fellowship Description: 

Angela Sweigart-Gallagher used this fellowship to reimagine future iterations of course assignments for her Political Theatre and Performance course, including a transformation of her “Blog” assignment into a Digital “Portfolio” of performance ideas, inspirations, and frustrations. This reimagined assignment will invite students to locate, analyze, annotate, and properly cite different forms of digital media that can serve as starting points for their final performance project.

She also plans to use the knowledge gained during the fellowship to create a Digital Narratives project for her upcoming course Theatre, Sustainability, and the Natural World in which students will document their attempts to solve production challenges using sustainable production methods.

Last updated
October 18, 2018