Alexander Stewart

Alexander Stewart

Assistant Professor of Geology

Dr. Alexander Stewart is an Assistant Professor of Geology at St. Lawrence University. Retired from the U.S. Army, Alex is a veteran of the Cold War and three foreign wars. More than twenty years of experience and life-changing events make him a unique professor. His experiences in the Army in Alaska directed his interests to obtain a PhD in glacial geology. He has worked as a glacial geology/geomorphology professor from eastern Kentucky to western Texas and north to St. Lawrence University. Alex’s research interests are varied, covering many aspects of surface geology. In addition, Alex is an avid scorpion biologist researching behavior on his self-collected scorpions from Iraq, Afghanistan, China and elsewhere.In his spare time, Alex enjoys hiking, managing his trail camera for carnivores such as foxes and coywolves, and just being outside!

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October 18, 2018