Amy Feiereisel '15 Leads NCPR Digital Project

Amy Feiereisel from “North Country at Work”

Amy Feiereisel is the “North Country at Work” Project Coordinator for NCPR. 

October 21, 2018

Amy Feiereisel '15 is the Project Coordinator for North Country at Work NCPR's public digital history project which is directed by Ellen Rocco.  The project's focus is to build an online, public archive documenting the work history of the North Country.

"Communities come to be when there is work to sustain people. Over time, the work of a community may change, expand, contract or disappear. Communities are shaped by changing work life." NCPR

Amy's focus is to explore the work history of the Adirondack North Country, "community by community, based on the photos and stories we collect and shape into an online, public archive. The archive will trace our work history through the earliest photos from the 19th century up to present time, and into the future. We are building a searchable history that residents and visitors, educators and historians will all find interesting and useful."

Stories related to the photographic collection are shared on air and online through NCPR.

Melissane Schrems, St. Lawrence University Associate Professor of History is a Special Advisor to the project and Eric Williams-Bergen, Director of Research & Digital Scholarship is a member of the Core team and serves as the Archives Advisor.

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October 21, 2018

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