SoJo Digital Scholarship Fellows Program

Digital lab with students

Margaret Mausch '17 provided assistance with a digital scholarship lab session.

October 17, 2018

We are pleased to present the Digital Scholarship Fellows Program, offered by the Libraries' Digital Scholarship Group in partnership with the Sophomore Journeys Grant. The program is designed to enable sophomores to investigate and gain proficiency with a variety of digital platforms, while also critically reflecting on the related impacts on our culture and society.

Activities will include monthly DSF collaboration meetings and digital skills workshops. Meetings and workshops will be relaxed and productive to help guide progress through the program.

The program is currently open for Sophomores. Developing digital skills from workshops will enhance scholarly research used in a variety of collaborative digital scholarship projects on and off campus.

Upon completion of the program, fellows will have a foundation of various digital skills and project experience. This experience will enhance future college and professional work at St. Lawrence and beyond!

Fall 2018 “Tentative” Workshops

  • Visualizing & Managing Data

  • Images – Fundamentals & Design

  • Open Source, Copyright, & Privacy

  • User Experience & Accessibility

  • Managing Digital Projects

  • Special Collections & Archives

  • Coding – the Fundamentals

  • Geospatial Web & Cartography

Spring 2019

The goal of the program is to create an opportunity for sophomores where digital technologies, methods, and culture are subject to critical inquiry in the liberal arts.

The first section of the program (Fall Semester) will engage the students in a series of workshops where they will develop skills in the use of digital technologies for scholarly research.

Using this new knowledge, in the Spring Semester, the fellows will collaboratively plan, develop and build their own digital projects while working as a member of one or more project teams, assisting with digital labs and project support.

Examples of projects currently supported by the Digital Initiatives Group can be found at


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October 19, 2018

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October 21, 2018
Amy Feiereisel '15 is the Project Coordinator for North Country at Work, NCPR's public digital history project which is directed by Ellen Rocco.  The project's focus is to build an online, public archive documenting the work history of the North Country.

Learned in Translation: Vivian Susko

October 20, 2018

An Immersive Journalism Project in Banská Štiavnica, Slovakia.  Vivian Susko's research experience during the summer of 2018 took the form of an immersive journalism project.