Digital Scholarship Fellows

"Investigate and gain proficiency with a variety of digital platforms and critically reflect on the related impacts on our culture and society.”  

We are pleased to present the Digital Scholarship Fellows Program, offered by the Libraries' Digital Scholarship Group in partnership with the Sophomore Journeys Grant. 

The program is designed to enable sophomores to investigate and gain proficiency with a variety of digital platforms, while also critically reflecting on the related impacts on our culture and society.

What to Expect

Fellows will be paid for 5-6 hours of work per week. Activities will include monthly DSF collaboration meetings and digital skills workshops. Meetings and workshops will be relaxed and productive to help guide progress through the program.

Developing digital skills from workshops will enhance scholarly research used in a variety of collaborative digital scholarship projects on and off campus. Upon completion of the program, fellows will have a foundation of various digital skills and project experience. This experience will enhance future college and professional work at St. Lawrence and beyond!

Students working in the Computer Lab.

Many of the courses which use digital scholarship projects use the new Digital Scholarship Lab in Owen D. Young (ODY) Library, pictured above, for instructor-led workshops or freeform working sessions.

Learn Digital Skills in Workshops

Fellows will attend workshops to increase their repertoire of computer skills and technical knowledge, while simultaneously deepening their understanding of the digital humanities.

Data & Society


Working with Images


Geospatial Web & Cartography

map data

Basic Web Design

Code on computer screen

Introduction to Drupal

Drupal logo overlaid on computer screen with code


WAI Logo

Contribute to Digital Scholarship Projects

Fellows will work with university faculty and library staff on research that incorporates digital technology. This unique opportunity will prepare students for future academic and career opportunities.

Female student using laptop computer.

Featured Projects

The Digital Scholarship Group supports a wide range of projects from across the spectrum of the digital humanities. Below are a few featured projects.


Read what DSF alumni have to say about the program!

Brittany Gordon

Brittanie Gordon

Class of 2021

A few months ago, I was given the opportunity to expand my knowledge of the digital field throughout the Digital Scholarship Fellows program. Over that time, I have learned a great amount that I am able to confidently incorporate in my other courses such as some basic coding skills, exploring Microsoft Excel and making timelines. The fellowship has helped me to understand what goes on” behind the scenes” in the digital world and this brought me to appreciate the work done in this field. Aside from building my technological skills, I had the opportunity to work with and form relationships with five other sophomore fellows and four members the St. Lawrence University staff, who facilitated meetings. My favorite part about this program is how interactive meetings are and the fact that we are all able to learn from each other and build on each other’s ideas.

A complete list of past and present undergraduate digital scholars can be found here.


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