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Led by Elyssa Twedt, Director of the Spatial Cognition and Perception Lab, the project aims to better understand individual differences in spatial cognition, which helps people perceive, remember, and navigate through environments. We investigate spatial cognition using virtual reality technology. Virtual reality provides a means to create novel environments for which people have no prior experience, and to have better experimental control over person-environment interactions.

We have several student-led research projects ongoing and in development using virtual reality. For the past year, we have investigated sex differences in object location memory in large-scale virtual environments. In the 2018-2019 academic year, we plan to use virtual reality to create a training intervention aimed at improving spatial navigation skills. One promising new direction is to integrate virtual reality with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to model real environments in 3D virtual spaces.

VR Maze
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Project Team

  • Elyssa Twedt
    Elyssa Twedt
    Assistant Professor of Psychology
    Director of the Spatial Cognition and Perception Lab

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