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A student created journal, Every Hundred Feet: Tales of Laurentians Abroad's first issue was created by Student Fellow, Hannah Chanatry.

Editor's Remarks

I spent four months living in an apartment in Rome. I stayed with a host family, navigated the city until I knew it better than Canton, N.Y., and carried euros in my wallet. I spoke a different language! And when I returned to St. Lawrence after my semester abroad, I was asked the following question in passing: how was it? I couldn’t answer. I smiled and said, “It was great” because that’s what social norms dictate, but that wasn’t my real answer. How was I supposed to explain the excitement and nostalgia and ups and downs and complex feelings I had about my experience in the time span of fifteen seconds? It was impossible. And so “Every Hundred Feet” was born. Out of an inability to shrink-wrap my experience and a fear of letting it sit in the back corner of my mind, collecting dust, I created a magazine where Laurentians like me, struggling to make sense of what it all meant, can explore their stories and share them with people who want to hear them: with people who understand. The experiences represented here are only a small fraction of those that exist on this campus; sixty-three percent of the St. Lawrence student body study abroad before they graduate, and that number is climbing. Still, I believe everybody can find something they connect with in these pages. There are tales of triumph, and of anxiety, of big adventures, and of small, intimate moments. I hope if you have not yet traveled that this magazine inspires you to pack your bag, and if you have already seen the world, I hope you will tell us your stories.

- Hannah Chanatry, Creator and Editor in Chief

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Published with Additions Expected

Project Team

  • Hannah Chanatry
    Hannah Chanatry
    Student Fellow
    HASTAC Scholar
  • Karl Schonberg
    Karl Schonberg
    Associate Dean of International and Intercultural Studies, Professor of Government
  • Eric Williams-Bergen
    Eric Williams-Bergen
    Director of Research & Digital Scholarship

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