St. Lawrence University

Eric Williams-Bergen, Director of Digital Initiatives will be leading a series of workshops on various platforms commonly used in digital humanities.  This semester's sessions for the Digital Initiatives Faculty Fellows includes.

Timelines & Web - Session #1 (October 7th)

  • Building Timelines with Drupal and TimelineJS
  • Eric will demonstrate building one, using a Drupal-based platform that he has developed and we will discuss the pedagogical elements of such projects in our courses.

    Please bring your laptops so you can build a timeline yourself.  Also gather some digital media that relates to a topic of interest to you: images, videos, links to related websites etc.  We plan to try to build 4-5 slides each (or less, if that is what works best for you!).

Scholarly Annotation - Session #2 (November 11th)

  • Scholarly Annotation with and Mirador

Data Visualization - Session #3 (December 9th)

  • Data Visualization with D3.JS, Gephi and Tableau