St. Lawrence University

This semester’s fellows add new disciplines to those who have already participated in this program that is part of “Crossing Boundaries: Reenvisioning the Humanities for the 21st Century” grant funded by the Mellon Foundation.  For further information, see (

Larry Boyette (Lecturer, FYP, and Adjunct Instructor for History and Music) will use this fellowship to explore ways to better employ digital resources to facilitate the musical and academic work, the performances, and the community building goals of the SLUFunk/History of Funk project. 

Brook Henkel (Assistant Professor of German and Film Studies) will use this fellowship to map connections between early film history and present-day digital culture. In conjunction with his “History of Cinema” course, he will be working with students to construct an illustrated, online glossary of keywords for understanding the related effects of past and present media technologies. 

Aswini Pai (Associate Professor of Biology) plans to create a digital compendium of herbarium specimens by making the activity a part of her classes, which include courses on Ethnobotany, Introductory Botany, and the World of Plants for both majors and non-majors.  Through this project, she hopes to facilitate not only learning about plant anatomy and morphology, but also how humans interact with plants, using them for agriculture, medicine, and material culture”