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Tzintzun Aguilar-Izzo '15 was a Film Multifield Major (a combination of English, Film and Representational Studies, and Art and Art History).  He has been part of the Weave since his first semester at St. Lawrence.  Initially, Tzintzun used his filmmaking expertise to help the Weave Interns make a promotional video.  This quickly led him to take part in the Big Questions project, an interview archive that centers on broad issues of global importance.  Tzintzun became the Big Questions coordinator, and with the help of fellow Weave interns he developed and expanded the project’s workflow.  In this position, Tzintzun also added numerous videos to the Big Questions archive and conducted workshops and training seminars, helping the next generation of Weavers conduct and edit Big Questions interviews. Throughout this time he also contributed to the Weave as a blogger.  His blog, "Occupy Art, Art of the Occupied," became the platform through which he shared his experience teaching video in Mexico and occasional theoretical critiques of our visually addicted society.

In the fall of 2013 Tzintzun attended the Union for Democratic Communication/Project Censored Conference in San Francisco.  Together with his fellow Weavers, Allison Paludi '14 and Thomas Matt '15, Tzintzun performed a spoken word/interactive software piece titled "Robots Dream."  Intended as a wake-up-call, the piece questions our addiction to virtual/corporate realities.  The poem/installation was performed numerous times at SLU and was published in The Underground, a peer-reviewed undergraduate publication.

During the final year at St. Lawrence, Tzintzun branched out from the digital realm, and helped coordinate a Flash Seminar Symposium in the Global Dialogue Center.  Flash Seminars, similar to flash mobs, are quickly organized discussions on current events that often go underreported in the mainstream media.

Tzintzun is now an MFA in Media Arts candidate at Emerson College in Boston.  He hopes to continue teaching and experimenting with documentary film and visual story telling.  While his artistic explorations may take him far from the North Country, he will continue to contribute and collaborate with the Weave.


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