St. Lawrence University


Mary Hussmann is an Associate Professor of English at St. Lawrence University who specializes in creative nonfiction and nature and environmental writing. Mary received her MFA from The University of Iowa. She has co-edited a book called Transgressions: The Iowa Review Anthology of Innovative Fiction, and has published essays, poetry, book reviews and interviews in anthologies and journals. Her interest in experiential learning stems from her many years teaching in and directing the Adirondack Semester at St. Lawrence. For the past several years, Mary has also served as steering committee co-chair of St. Lawrence University’s Environmental Education Initiative (EEI) for Active Learning, Research and Advocacy. The EEI is a campus-wide project focusing on increasing opportunities for students to experience and apply their learning about the environment in real-world situations. Mary has kayaked in Glacier Bay, Alaska, canoed in the roadless wilderness in northern Ontario, skied in northern Minnesota and Wisconsin, but these days, mostly likes to tromp around the local woods with her dogs.

Associate Professor of English
Mary Hussmann