St. Lawrence University


I have been affiliated with the university since 1996, when my wife, Cathy Crosby-Currie, became a faculty member in the Psychology Department. Over the intervening years, I have taught courses in Photography, Digital Imaging, and Digital Art for the Fine Arts Department; taught the Laboratory component of the Introductory Psychology course for a year; and, earned a Masters in Education from St. Lawrence. I joined the IT department in 2008 as the "Educational Technologies Training Coordinator" and transitioned to "Manager of Educational Technologies" in 2012. I have more administrative responsibility now; but the heart of the work, and the work that most of the campus sees, has not changed. What I and the other Educational Technologists do is advocate for the integration of technology into the curriculum as a way to foster technology literacy and support students, faculty, and staff in using technology to learn, teach, and work more efficiently and effectively.

Manager Educational Technologies
Grant Currie