St. Lawrence University
Fellowship Description: 

One of the central topics of my course on genocide is the consideration of how genocides and other large-scale mass killings occur, including the question of the role of planning by political leaders versus on-the-ground factors that drive events, and the related question of why perpetrators participate in genocides and why victims react as they do. Related is the connection between genocide and war.


I am a native of Santa Cruz, California, a community in which hippies, yuppies, surfers, pagans, college students, Mexican immigrants, and blue-collar workers mix in surprising ways. Foreshadowing my current position, I headed to the Northeast for college, earning a B.A. in History (with a concentration in feminist and gender studies) from Haverford College. After living briefly in Germany and later Italy, I returned to California for graduate school, receiving my M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of California, Davis, where I studied modern European history, with minor fields in world history and cross-cultural women’s history. Though I miss the magnificent Pacific Ocean, I love living in New York and experiencing the changing seasons.

I teach various courses in European history, the Holocaust and genocide, as well as special topics courses on modern Germany, modern Italy, World War I, and Weimar & Nazi Germany. I am also coordinator of SLU’sEuropean Studies program.

I am the author of Assassins & Conspirators: Anarchism, Socialism, and Political Culture in Imperial Germany(Northern Illinois University Press, 2014).

Associate Professor and Department Chair, History
Coordinator of European Studies
Elun Gabriel