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 Chloe McElligott ’16 is a Global Studies and Anthropology double major. She has been a part of the Weave since her fall semester of her first year at SLU. Through the Weave, Chloe was able to attend the National Conference for Media Reform 2013 in Denver, CO, and later has gone on to become an intern and blogger (focusing mostly on rural poverty). Chloe worked with other Weavers to create videos for “Big Questions,” an interviewing and archiving project inspired by Dropping Knowledge. The filming and editing experience she gained while interning for the Weave has been very valuable to Chloe throughout her St. Lawrence career. With help from the Weave, the Global Studies Department, and Professor Natalia Singer, she and two other students (Anna Kowanko and April VanOrman) received a grant from the university’s Mellon Humanities Grant. This grant provided funds so that she and the other students could create a short documentary film about seed sovereignty in India while they studied abroad in the 2014 fall semester.

“My experience with the Weave helped me connect what we learn about in Global Studies and Anthropology classes to my study abroad experience, and provided me with knowledge about how to convey that information through film. The stories about seed sovereignty, the effects that the Green Revolution have had on farmers and biodiversity, that is exactly the kind of underreported story that work with the Weave has taught me to explore. This is the kind of thing that the public needs to know about so that a real conversation can start about connections between food, poverty, and power.”

This summer, Chloe will be working at Traditional Arts of Upstate New York (TAUNY) in Canton through the SLU Public Interest Corp internships. She will work on archiving materials and turning them into a digital collection, as well as continuing with a few new video projects for the organization. 

Weave Contributor
Chloe McElligott