St. Lawrence University


Bryea Coutu, class of 2016, is a History major, Religious Studies minor at St. Lawrence University. Bryea has worked on the “Pilgrimages—Chichibu to Canton Project” at St. Lawrence University for the 2014/2015 academic year. She is currently working with Professor Mark MacWilliams, a specialist on Japanese pilgrimage who has taken several research trips over the years to Chichibu, Japan to study its famous pilgrimage, Bryea’s major area of responsibility is to edit and prepare high quality photographs of collections of Japanese pilgrimage material culture for the virtual Chichibu museum.

The project, which is now stored online as a digital ebook on “Scalar,” is a multiyear effort to document photos, and various religious objects related to the worship of Kannon, the Buddhist bodhisattva of compassion. These materials, which were taken or collected on site will offer viewers a detailed understanding of the 34 temple Kannon pilgrimage in Chichibu Japan. Through her work, the first on-line museum of photo collections and interpretative materials are publicly available on the Internet for the use of scholars and the public.

Project Assistant Paths to the Buddha
Bryea Coutu