St. Lawrence University
Fellowship Description: 

In conjunction with her course "Early Asian Civilizations," (History 105ASIA 125) Associate Professor Anne Csete (History) pursued a digital initiatives faculty fellowship in order to discover ways to use digital tools to enhance her use of maps and art historical materials.

In the past, Csete used analog maps to bolster students' overall geographical knowledge and teach them the process of placing historical processes in geographical context. She is investigating ways to upgrade the quality and functionality of her lesson planning through the use of digital mapping tools.

"I would like to develop a set of maps that would enliven and support the learning goals and allow me to retire my photocopies and tired wall map," Csete said in her proposal.


I am from the Finger Lakes Region of New York State. I graduated from the State University of New York at Oswego with a B.A. in Non-Western History, and earned my PhD in Chinese history from the University of Buffalo. As a graduate student I spent three years as an exchange student in China, where I traveled widely from Kashgar to Hainan to Manchuria. My dissertation was on the history of Hainan Island, and my research still focuses on the history of this beautiful island. During my sabbatical in 2003 I spent a semester in Kong Kong teaching and studying. There I had time to read and translate Tang and Song poetry, which has developed into a hobby of mine. I love studying history because learning about the past teaches me more about how to understand the serious issues facing us – especially environmental degradation, military conflicts, injustice and poverty. Studying history also helps me to understand how we as a nation and global community have ended up where we are now. But the bottom line is, I find the study of history enjoyable.

Associate Professor of History
Anne Csete